Grounded, 2020
Cyanotype on muslin, 3 panels each 62" x 14.5"

NFS (for the personal collection of the Living Artists Collective)

This cyanotype triptych was created to be a permanent piece in the Living Artist's Collective, where they are one of the premier 5 residents. As the collective is intended to create a safe space for artist to learn and grow and practice, Marissa drew inspiration from her foundation in Seattle, the PNW at large, in her photographic practice, and beyond. Created in direct response to her recent piece, "It Comes In Waves," "Grounded" plays off this symbiotic relationship between a person's emotional and mental waves and the foundation of their identity and presence. The shapes created in these cyanotypes draw inspiration from the terrain of the PNW: with its mountains, waters, vegetation, and history.  

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